22 January 2017

Email List Cleaning

Do you need to clean your email list ?

Do you have problems with your high bounce rate ?

Do you wonder how many valid emails are there in a purchased email list by you recently ?



Every ESP require you to have a  clean email list before they start servicing you.

Sending an email to a bad email address would ruin your reputation.

Why do every marketer/email sender has to keep his list hygiene ?

  • To stay away from blacklists
  • To keep ip/domain reputation high
  • To be able to send to inbox


How do we clean your lists ?

Syntax check:
We remove emails including chars like “%&^^” to stay with the standards of RFC.

Domain check:
We send a whois request to mail domain to see if it actually exists.

MX check:
We look for valid mx records in dns zone to see if that domain accepts email.

Duplicate check:
We will remove all duplicate records in your list.

User check:
We send a valid email to each user on your email list to see if that user exists.This is the best way of understanding whether a mailbox works.


Benefits of having a clean list


  • You will save money by reducing your list size and not sending to invalid emails.
  • Your ESP or ISP will not make any problems with your emailing.Noone wants to have headaches?
  • You will have a better deliverability rate and enhanced reputation score.


Every email list decays at an high rate of %20 every year.So make sure to keep bad data out and send only to  valid emails.

 Why choose us ?

Our method to clean your email list is sending a single email to each recipient.Other ways for cleaning are not guaranteed and not trustable.

Please contact us now to get your list cleaned.