22 January 2017

New release of PowerMTA v4.5 – Coming soon!

Our fellows at Port25 have announced the new version of PowerMTA v4.5 and this is a major release!

Please see here the announcement :


Scheduled Delivery Control™
PowerMTA v4.5’s unique Scheduled Delivery Control™ allows for scheduled, time based delivery for campaigns and even for individual mailings, by dynamically controlling the processing of messages based on the sender’s predefined time windows. Pushing this intelligence from the CRM solution to PowerMTA is the only way to ensure true time schedule adherence, since email servers and other delivery solutions will generally attempt delivery as soon as messages are submitted. For very large, time sensitive mailings, it allows senders to create and submit the full campaign hours or even days in advance, to be released on a certain day and time in the future to help ensure maximum reach and results within a desired time frame. Numerous start and stop time windows can be defined for a single message.

Recipient engagement is now a critical component in maximizing delivery to large inbox providers, and only PowerMTA’s Scheduled Delivery Control™ allows senders to truly take advantage of time based engagement metrics in order to maximize both delivery rates and overall campaign results. Have PowerMTA send the message at the time that your data shows is the most likely time frame the recipient will open, read, and act on the message. Scheduled Delivery Control™ is also needed to ensure adherence to strict time based policies imposed by some of the international gateway providers, as well.

PowerMTA Enterprise Plus
PowerMTA Enterprise Plus includes new, advanced performance based algorithms and optimizations to help Email Service Providers and cloud relay providers realize maximum return on recent high end hardware investments. Modern hardware today is far superior to what was available only 2 years ago, and this combined with ever increasing workloads, has senders demanding more from their applications. The optimizations in PowerMTA Enterprise Plus maximize hardware ROI, making it the best email delivery solution on the market to handle the huge workloads of this very demanding group of senders.




There is also a new version named Enterprise PLUS.Probably it will be much more expensive than the others as it is specifically designed for High Volume ESPs.

I hope the new release will be available soon!


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