22 January 2017

ReturnPath adding Cloudmark as a new metric

ReturnPath have announced that Cloudmark will be added as a new metric to their Certification Standards.This will take effect on January 26.

Please check below to see the full letter:


Dear Certification Member,

We wanted to give you advanced notification of a new metric that will be added to Return Path’s Certification’s program standards as it will impact your program.
Beginning next year, Return Path will add the Cloudmark Complaint Rate to our Certification enforcement metrics. The initial threshold for this metric will be 1.0% as calculated by complaints over total Cloudmark volume. This new Cloudmark Complaint Rate metric with a 1.0% threshold will take effect on January 26, 2015. Any IPs that are not in compliance by January 26 will be suspended and will no longer receive Certification benefits at Cloudmark.
We are giving you advanced notice because you have IPs that are consistently over this threshold. Your current Cloudmark Complaint Rate data is already available to you in the DPR and the Certification tab as “Return Path Network Volume” and “Return Path Network Complaints.”  
Because Cloudmark provides email security for over two billion mailboxes globally, it is not possible or recommended that you target your complaint reduction towards individual domains or receivers. Rather, lowering your Cloudmark complaint rate will require making holistic changes to your email program. 
Return Path has many resources available to help you lower your complaint rates. Return Path commits to working closely with you to help you comply with this new complaint rate metric, and we are providing the following resources for you:
Please reach out to your Technical Account Manager or to certification@returnpath.com for assistance and recommendations on how to reduce your complaint rates and how to utilize additional Return Path tools and consulting services.
These new standards will ensure you achieve the best email placement and engagement rates possible. Thank you for your continued membership in the Return Path Certification Program.
Best regards,

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