22 January 2017

PowerMTA v4.5 has been released!

Port25 has just announced the new major release of PowerMTA : v4.5 .

We have been expecting this release since a year and now it is out of beta with a stable release.

This new version has several significant features as mentioned by Port25 :


Key features included in the release:

  • Scheduled Delivery Control
    PowerMTA now supports the ability to schedule deliveries via a header.  This may be very useful for instances when it takes a long time to build a campaign, or if you need to adhere to strict delivery windows.
  • Precached domains support
    To help optimize DNS usage during peak sending times, PowerMTA now offers the ability to precache predefined domain names to ensure the DNS name is always available.
  • IP Rate Limiting
    IP rate limiting allows for controlling the number of attempted recipients on a per-hour, per-minute and per-second basis for each IP address for each domain/VirtualMTA.  This is primarily used by sites that define multiple IPs in a single VirtualMTA, and that want to limit the attempted delivery rate for each IP address in the VirtualMTA to the respective domains.  One can also specify the maximum number of connections to be opened for this domain during the specified time period per IP per domain/vmta.
  • Auto Cold VirtualMTA Rate Increase
    PowerMTA now supports the ability to auto-increase cold VirtualMTA mail volumes with a list of daily limits.  This makes it very easy to have a set it and forget it configuration for warming new IP addresses.
  • Address Suppression Lists
    Addresses in the suppression list are rejected (or turned into bounces, depending on options) during submission.  This is very useful for sites that do not have complete control of the list to which they are mailing.

Other Noteworthy Enhancements in PowerMTA v4.5:

  • Custom retry intervals

  • Enhanced job control (pause & resume)

  • Recipient events listing

  • Second DKIM signing support

  • Backoff reason insight

  • Time interval for bounce-upon-no-mx

  • Defer-queue option in SMTP pattern list

  • Disabling of accounting records per queue

  • Domain definitions in virtual-mta-pools

  • Reverse DNS check support on inbound connections

  • TLS information in accounting file fields

  • Pattern matching support on non-ASCII headers

  • Added inbound AUTH username to accounting field

  • Change recipient priority on-the-fly



And here are a few changes in detail :


released build 4.5r1

    - deprecated per-domain "route" directive in favor of the new "smtp-hosts".
      "smtp-hosts" accepts the same syntax as "route" and works essentially
      the same way, except that if it contains a single name, that is
      understood to be a host name for which A/AAAA lookups are done, and
      that "lookup-mx:X" can be specified, where X is a domain name for which
      an MX lookup is to be performed;

    - added per-domain "source-ip-max-connect-rate" and
      "source-ip-max-msg-rate", for configuring connect and message rates
      on a per domain, per source IP basis;

    - deprecated the per-domain "max-smtp-out-per-source-ip" in favor of
      the new "source-ip-max-smtp-out", which allows configuration on a
      per domain, per source IP basis;

    - extended "pmta show settings" and the web monitor's Queue Details page
      to display per domain, per source IP limits;

    - added "pmta set priority" command, to change the priority of recipients
      in the queue;

    - added warning icon to the queues page in web monitor, shown when the
      queue might need attention.  That is currently defined as a queue that
      has least 10 recipient events, and less than 90% of them are deliveries;

    - optimized code that processes domain macros, greatly reducing the time
      needed to process configurations that lead to many non-wildcard domains;

    - improved error handling for malformed headers in bounce processor and
      feedback loop processor;

    - upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1p, to get the latest security fixes;

    - added dialogue in Windows installer to allow chosing the level of
      access local users are to have;

    - improved handling of certain DNS errors;

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